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Majesty 101 ft.

White • Premium • 101ft


د.إ 2,615

The ideal choice for charter in Dubai, catering to large groups, corporate meetings, and parties, is the majestic Yacht Majesty 101. Crafted by Gulf Craft, this mega yacht boasts an impressive superstructure that exudes elegance and captivates the hearts of every yacht enthusiast. With a maximum speed of 25 knots, it gracefully glides across the water, elevating the spirits of all aboard.

The accommodation offers five spacious cabins, comfortably accommodating up to 50 guests. Additionally, a dedicated team of five skilled crew members is available to ensure the provision of top-notch charter services, guaranteeing a remarkable and unforgettable experience on the open seas.

Note: The Rent Mentioned for this product will be charged hourly


  • AC
  • Water and ice
  • Music stereo system (via Bluetooth or AUX)
  • Soft drinks (unlimited Sprite, Cola, diets/zero)

  • Bathroom Amenities
  • Paper napkins, disposable plates and cups, cutlery
  • Towels
  • E–Grill (upon request)

With the capacity to host up to 50 guests, the yacht provides five luxurious cabins, ensuring their utmost comfort during the journey. To guarantee a top-notch experience, a team of five skilled and professional crew members accompanies each charter, dedicated to delivering exceptional service throughout your trip.

The superyacht’s immaculate exterior styling and flawless naval engineering harmoniously blend with its exquisite interior workmanship, showcasing an unwavering commitment to detail. From every angle, this yacht radiates elegance and sophistication, promising an unforgettable voyage in sheer luxury.


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