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Phenom 300

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The Embraer Phenom 300 is the gold standard of the Super Light Jet category, offering high-speed performance, superior comfort, and the most baggage capacity in its class. Designed in Sao Paulo by the Brazilian aerospace firm Embraer, the Phenom 300 (Model EMB-505) offers a spacious BMW-designed cabin with seating for up to 8, and non-stop flight range of 1,800 nautical miles at high cruising speeds; the all-new Phenom 300E further enhances value, ease of ownership, and in-flight experience with top-of-the-line performance, next-gen avionics, improved ergonomics, and unparalleled comfort and space.

White • Embraer • 2009 • Super Light Jet

AED: 12,855

Gulfstream G450

The Rent Mentioned For This Product Will Be Charged Hourly

Gulfstream based the G450 on their renowned GIV/GIV-SP/G400, utilizing several upgrades from their new GV-SP model: a Honeywell-powered flight deck, electric generator, temperature and pressurization controls in the cabin. Additional improvements include an upgraded APU, and redesigned landing gear, wheels, and brakes. The Gulfstream G450 offers a wide cabin for up to 12-16 passengers, with a maximum range of 4,350 nautical miles. Upgraded Rolls Royce turbofans deliver speeds between Mach 0.8 – Mach 0.85, able to quickly perform cross country and transcontinental missions.

White • Gulfstream • 2018 • 6,000lbs

AED: 29,390

Gulfstream G200

The Rent Mentioned For This Product Will Be Charged Hourly

The Gulfstream 200, featuring impressive cruise speed and range, is especially notable for its comfort-level. With the tallest and widest cabin in its class, at 6’3 cabin height and 7’1 cabin width, the Gulfstream 200 is equipped with a fully heated and pressurized baggage compartment, along with a roomy refreshment center. The newly-formed Galaxy Aerospace Corp, a division of Israel Aviation Industries (IAI), became a major contender in the private jet category with the Gulfstream 200; this jet continues to compete today with the more recent G450 and G550.

White • Gulfstream • Business jet • 35,450lbs

AED: 25,900

How to book private Jets online

How to book private Jets online


A Global Jet Fleet

Our fleet offers a variety of aircrafts. You can pick from a great line-up of aircrafts to help find a suitable match for your upcoming business trips.

  • White • Embraer • 2009


    د.إ 12,855

  • White • Gulfstream • 2018 • 6,000lbs


    د.إ 29,390

  • White • Bombardier • 2012 • 5,770lbs


    د.إ 45,000

  • Hawker Beechcraft • 2005 • 28,000lbs


    د.إ 16,895

  • Gulfstream • Business Jet • 35,450lbs


    د.إ 25,900

  • White • Beechcraft • 2005 • 5,500lbs


    د.إ 4,420

Renting a private jet can be a hassle-free way to enjoy a high-end lifestyle without the commitment of ownership.


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